All new students require proper evaluation. Returning students must register according to the placement on their report card. If a child is registered for an incorrect class without an evaluation or report card designation, we will refund the class fee and cancel the registration if we are not able to accommodate the student in the proper level. We will not compromise class size to accommodate improperly registered students.

If your young swimmer is comfortable in the water without your assistance, this class is for them. Our instructors will work with your child on basic safety skills and building confidence in the water. Through games and structured play, your child will practice blowing bubbles, front and back floats, arm movement, face submersion, and more. This class is designated to provide your child with the skill set they need to be successful as they advance through our swim lesson program. They remain in this class until they are prepared for Level 1. For students who are not yet ready to work by themselves in a class without mom or dad, we recommend our Parent-Child lessons. Recommended age 3-5.

Levels 1-3 provide your child with the skills needed to survive the water and begin building the foundation for a life-long love of swimming. Swimmers follow an itinerary of progress through 3 levels of development. Recommended age 4-13.

Water Exploration:  Teaching focuses on safety skills, supported front and back floating, supported proper (straight leg, pointed toe) kicking on front and back, beginner front and back crawl, and full-face submersion with underwater exhalation.

Primary Skills: Students in this level must be comfortable in the water and have some prior familiarity with swim lessons. Teaching continues to build skills in unsupported floating and proper (straight leg, pointed toe) kicking, streamline gliding, rhythmic breathing, and basic front crawl and back crawl strokes. 

Stroke Readiness: Students in this level must be independent swimmers who do not need the assistance of an instructor for a minimum of 10 yards using a competent front crawl stroke with proper kicking. Teaching will improve your child’s unsupported front and back crawl strokes, front and back glides, rhythmic breathing, water-treading skills, and includes an introduction to unassisted deep-water work, whip kick and diving.

Levels 4-5 take place in the lap pool (deep end of 7 ft) and are for students who are completely independent swimmers, comfortable in deep water, and have mastered all the skills of Level 3. These levels develop and hone your child’s swimming techniques and endurance, providing the foundation needed for competitive swimming or recreational swimming for fitness. Goggles recommended. Recommended Ages: 7-16.

Stroke Development: Students in this level must be able to competently swim one length (25 yards) of the lap pool using a proper front crawl stroke. Teaching reinforces correct front and back crawl stroke techniques while working on beginning to build swimming endurance. Instructors will also introduce breaststroke, as well as focus on intermediate survival skills, diving, and deep-water safety.

Stroke Refinement: Students in this level must be able to competently swim one lap (2 lengths or 50 yards) of the lap pool using a proper front crawl stroke. Teaching will build endurance and focused technical work in front crawl, back crawl, and breaststroke using a series of drills and the introduction of timed interval sets. Students will be introduced to the butterfly stroke, flip-turns, and competition-style front dives from the diving block. Advanced water safety and survival skills will also be covered.

STARFISH Pre-Swim Team

If you've noticed your child not only loves to swim, but loves to swim fast, this program is a great way to see if competitive swimming is right for them. They will continue to work on the four competitive strokes, starts and turns in a supportive, positive environment that focuses on sportsmanship, self-confidence, and mental preparedness. This class is offered 3x per week. Please note that Level 5 (or its equivalent) is a prerequisite for this program. If you have not been through our program before, an evaluation may be done to place your swimmer in this program.

Our instructors want your child to have a successful and enjoyable swim experience and will work to ensure that they are fully ready to progress from one level to the next. It is important to note that all children will learn at their own pace. It is common for students to require multiple sessions in any given level before advancing. Please consider this when registering for multiple class sessions at one time. There are a variety of options for days and times. 

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