Swim Lesson Policy

Thank you for enrolling in swimming lessons with us at the Oak Brook Park District. We hope that you and your family have a positive experience. Please take a moment and review our swim lesson expectations to help us provide you with a great swimming experience.

•    Please check-in for every swim class at the pool deck.
•    Parents/guardians must remain in the Aquatic Center by the pool deck chairs throughout your child's swimming lesson if any of your children in swim lessons are under 12 years old.
•    Please use designated seating in or near the concessions area to view swimming lessons. We prohibit parents from sitting along the back west wall of the facility.
•    Please refrain from allowing your child to enter the water before their lesson. Children not registered in a swim class are not allowed in the pool.
•    Please do not change your child on the pool deck.
•    Any child who is not yet potty-trained must wear a swim diaper under their swimming suit.
•    Keep strollers as far back from the pool as possible.
•    Please take a moment at the end of the session to complete our swim lessons survey in your email.
•    All new students require proper evaluation. Returning students must register according to the placement on their report card. If a child is registered for an incorrect class without an evaluation or report card designation, we will refund the class fee and cancel the registration if we are not able to accommodate the student in the proper level. We will not compromise class size to accommodate improperly registered students.

Make-Up Policy

•    We need advanced notice via email to swimlesson [at] obparks.org if a lesson will be missed.
•    Please speak to your lesson supervisor for group make-up times as soon as possible. For private lessons, speak to your instructor for make-up times as soon as possible. 
•    Make-up lessons are not permitted for a forgotten lesson or a lesson that has already taken place before we receive notification. 
•    No make-ups are allowed in the final week of class. The final week of class is dedicated to evaluations for report card purposes and specified work developed for the swimmers of each class during their assigned times. 
•    One [1] make-up is allowed per session. The make-up must be completed during the current session, before the last week of the session. 
•    We will not give make-ups or prorate for late registrations.
•    Make-ups will only be given to the child who has missed their registered lesson. 

Refund Policy

•    No refunds will be given after classes have started unless a request is accompanied by a doctor's note. Credit may be issued dependent on when note is received. 
•    Refunds/credits/cancellations must be submitted 2 days prior (via email to registration [at] obparks.org) to the first lesson for a full refund minus a $5 administrative fee. 

If you are calling about missing a lesson, you must speak to the Aquatic Programming Supervisor or a PT Swim Lesson Supervisor. For additional questions or concerns please speak with the Aquatic Programming Supervisor or the Supt. of Aquatic and Maintenance Operations.

Supt. of Aquatic and Maintenance Operations: Rob Bond; Email: rbond [at] obparks.org |   Direct Phone: 630-645-9580  |  Pool Direct: 630-645-9581