Fluid Running

The Oak Brook Park District is proud to be the home of Fluid RunningĀ®, the first certified deep water running program in the United States. Deep water running provides all of the benefits of running on land and more, without any of the pain or impact. Running against the resistance of water challenges your cardiovascular system as well as the muscles in your legs, core, and arms. Flotation belts are provided. Heart rate monitors are recommended.

  • Fluid RunningĀ® is a phenomenal full-body workout!
  • Fitness-minded people will benefit from the ability to burn 40% more calories than running on land.
  • Deep water running is great strength training!
  • Injured athletes (runners, football players, soccer players, dancers, ice skater, etc.) can maintain pre-injury fitness levels by deep water running.
  • Fluid RunningĀ® can help relieve swelling and inflamation.
  • No running or swimming experience is needed. The class is held in deep water, but floatation belts are provided.

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