Mission, Vision and Core Values


It is the mission of the Oak Brook Park District to provide the very best in park and recreational opportunities, facilities, and open lands for our community.


To provide a diverse, inclusive and holistic range of opportunities designed to keep the community happy, fit and active.

Core Values

Holistic Wellness: Provide programs, services, and opportunities designed to improve all aspects of the overall wellness of the community.

Environmental Stewardship: Foster the responsible use and protection of the natural environment through education, conservation, and sustainable practices.

Inclusion: Promote a sense of belonging and provide access to the very best in park and recreational opportunities for all. 

Teamwork: Embrace the individuality and diverse viewpoints of our staff in order to foster recreational creativity and encourage a collaborative culture.

Community Engagement: Provide the very best customer experience with every interaction.

Open Communication: Engage in honest, and respectful communication, to connect and build relationships with our community.

Planning and Vision Documents can be found here.