Mission, Vision and Core Values


It is the mission of the Oak Brook Park District to provide the very best in park and recreational opportunities, facilities, and open lands for our community.


To provide a diverse range of opportunities designed to keep the members of the Greater Oak Brook Community happy, fit and active. By maintaining fiscally responsible practices and focusing on communication, environmental stewardship, and accessibility, the Oak Brook Park District works to help our community as a whole be its very best and feel its very best.

Core Values

Communication: Engaging in open, honest, and respectful communication both internally and externally will educate our community as to the benefits of parks & recreation and help to foster creativity, program development, encouragement, motivation, and loyalty among our staff and constituents.

Collaboration: Working together to incorporate the diverse culture and viewpoints of our staff and community to effectively bring the numerous benefits of park and recreational opportunities and open space to our community.

Accessibility and Inclusion: Ensuring that everyone, regardless of age or ability, has access to the very best in park and recreational opportunities to enrich their quality of life and help them work to be their very best and feel their very best.

Holistic Wellness: Providing programs, services, and opportunities designed to improve all aspects of the overall wellness of the Greater Oak Brook community.

Consistent Customer Service: Providing the very best experience to each individual who visits park district facilities or participates in programming.

Environmental Conservation and Stewardship: Fostering the responsible use and protection of the natural environment through education, conservation, and sustainable practices.

Planning and Vision Documents can be found here.