Swim Lesson Evaluations & Placement


• All evaluations are 12:30-2pm on a first come, first serve basis. No appointment required on dates scheduled below.
• Evaluations should take approximately 3-5 minutes per child. 
• Please bring your child on deck ready to swim. Goggles are strongly recommended. Towels will not be available.
• If you cannot make an evaluation during the scheduled times, please email swimlesson [at] obparks.org and request an evaluation. All efforts will be made to try and accommodate the request at times when instructors are on site.
• All new students require proper evaluation. Returning students must register according to the placement on their report card. If a child is registered for an incorrect class without an evaluation or report card designation, we will refund the class fee and cancel the registration if we are not able to accommodate the student in the proper level. We will not compromise class size to accommodate improperly registered students.

Mark your calendars for the upcoming evaluation dates! 

(Saturday & Sunday)

  • September 10/11
  • October 22/23

For details on swim lesson offerings, please visit our swim lesson page: SWIM LESSONS