Adult Aquatics

Adult Aquatics Programs

Under the current Phase 4 guidelines, we are able to offer a small sampling of our adult programming.
Program registration is available for our Masters Swim Team and Fluid Running. Fluid Running does allow for Drop-In visits. The cost is $20/class and spots are intended for experienced Fluid Runners. Proper reservations to secure a drop-in space can be made on the UPace App. HOW TO RESERVE SPOT

Our Water Aerobics and Water Therapy classes are free to members. Non-members may reserve space at a cost of $10/resident and $12/non-resident. Space is limited in these classes due to IDPH regulations. We are looking to help this demand by expanding the number of classes we offer on a weekly basis. Make your reservations through the UPace App: HOW TO RESERVE SPOT

Classes include:

•    Masters Swim Team
•    Fluid Running (Deep Water Running)
•    Water Aerobics
•    Water Arthritis Therapy

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer adult swim lessons at this time. We hope that as regulations relax, we can offer these again in the near future.