Open Gym

Availability is subject to change, call ahead to get current gym schedule.

Open Gym Rules

Who Can Play:

All Ages Open Gym: Any age group may use the available courts.

Adults Only Open Gym: Members/Daily Fee Users, 18+ years of age.

Cost of Use:

Free: Any membership that includes Fitness as part of the membership

Daily Fee: 
Adult Resident: $10   |   
Adult Nonresident: $12   |  
Child & Senior Resident: $6   |   
Child & Senior Nonresident: $8

Age Definitions: 
Adult: Age 18+
   |   Child: Age 3-17   |   
Senior: Age 60+  


  • Children under 10 years old must be directly supervised by an individual 16 years and older. “Directly supervised” is defined as being in the gym with the participant.

  • Payment and/or membership card must be presented to the front desk prior to participating. 

  • Teaching private lessons and/or conducting team practices is not permitted.
  • Courts must be rented from the Facility Manager prior to practice.


  • Wristbands must be worn at ALL times while in the facility. This includes members and daily fee users. Failure to wear the appropriate wristband may result in removal from the facility. 

  • Gym shoes must be worn on the court. Only non-marking rubber soled shoes that are clean and dry are allowed. Street shoes, dress shoes, roller shoes, and Heelys are not permitted.

  • Proper attire must be worn at all times. This includes a shirt.


  • Foul or abusive language, attempted confrontation, or physical confrontation are not permitted and will result in IMMEDIATE expulsion from the facility, and could result in revocation of membership, suspension, or a ban from Oak Brook Park District facilities.

  • No one person or team can “own” the court. Staff reserves the right to prohibit full court games when gym space is limited.
  • No dunking or hanging on the rims/nets.
 Portable speakers are not permitted anywhere at the Family Recreation Center. 

  • Food and beverage, except bottled water, are not permitted on the courts, but are allowed on the bleachers in the walk way.
Failure to adhere to any rule(s) can result in dismissal from the facility.

Open Gym Information 

The Family Recreation Center reserves the right to cancel and/or change Open Gym times due to programs, holidays, camps, etc.
 Fees and rules are subject to change.
 Open Gym is an unsupervised event. 

Open Gym Schedule | Gyms currently unavailable

Hours subject to change. Please call the front desk at 630-990-4233 for current availability.

All Ages times


Adults Only times