Private Lessons

Scheduled Private Lessons
Instructors:  Swim Lesson Instructors, Swim Lessons Supervisors

Scheduled Individual Lessons provide effective one-on-one instructors for students at any level. Experienced instructors will work with your child to achieve personalized goals. These lessons are scheduled 1x a week for a specific day and time. Staff will make every effort to accommodate requests for specific instructors but cannot guarantee instructor assignments. Individual Private Swim Lessons may be scheduled during regular open swim hours.

The high demand for private lessons only allows for one make-up lesson per session, and make-ups are not permitted for missed or forgotten lessons. Advanced notice is required for a make-up lesson. When staff is notified of an expected missed class due to injury or illness, our Swim Lesson Supervisors will provide contact information for the client directly to the assigned instructor*, who will then reach out to the client to coordinate a mutually workable make-up date when possible. 

*Please allow a few days for a response from the instructor as they are all part-time employees and may not get the message for a few days if they only work limited days per week.

Ages: 4-16

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Custom Private Lessons 
Instructors:  Swim Lesson Instructors, Swim Lessons Supervisors
If you are looking for a more flexible option than our scheduled private lessons, this option may be for you! Custom lessons provide a more accommodating option that will work with you and the instructors’ schedule. Please note that custom lessons must be done outside of our scheduled private lesson times and may be scheduled during regular open swim hours.

Ages: 4-16

Custom private lessons offer two different options:

3-hour package: $300/NR, $194 R

Single Lesson (30 mins): $55/NR, 35/R

If you are interested in Custom private lessons, please reach out to the program supervisor at and they will contact you to figure out the best instructor for your student based on availability and needs. Once an instructor is confirmed, they will send you the registration form. If you have an instructor in mind, please include the instructor's name on your registration form. Please note that the requested instructor must agree to take on a client for the lesson prior to registration.

If you need to reschedule any private lesson made, you must give at least 24 hours' notice.