Parent Child Swim Lessons

Parent/Child Swimming Lessons

Designed to acclimate young swimmers to the water with their parent, these classes are led by an instructor that will focus on basic water skills through the use of song, rhyme, and repeated practice. After registering for Parent/Child Lessons, participants will be divided into two groups: Parent/Tot or Tots in Training. Parent/Tot classes will be conducted entirely with the parent in the water. The Terrific Tot in Training classes have parents start in the water with their swimmers the first week, eventually decreasing the time with parents during the course to ease the transition to Terrific Tot. Classes will split appropriately on the first day of lessons .All swimmers must wear a swim diaper under their swimsuit if not toilet trained. Ages: 9 mos–3 yrs.

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Our instructors work with the parents and their little swimmer to put their face in the water and blow bubbles. Swimmers also practice floating (with assistance) on their front and back, as well as have parents assist with a jump entry into the water to aid as a lifesaving skill. Songs and games will be used to make class fun and enjoyable.

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Terrific Tots in Training

Similar to the Parent/Tot class, young swimmers will learn basic water skills such as putting their face in the water and blowing bubbles. Swimmers will also practice back and front floats with assistance and basic swimming movement. Portions of class will be conducted without parents to ease the transition to Terrific Tot.Youth Swim Lessons.