Master and Strategic Plans

It is the mission of the Oak Brook Park District to provide the very best in park and recreational opportunities, facilities, and open lands for our community. Ever mindful of its mission, and recognizing the forces that shape the future of parks and recreation, the District realized the need to develop a vision for the next ten years. This vision would provide direction for the District, help staff creatively plan for opportunities of growth, and maintain fiscal responsibility in the management of the District’s valuable resources.

The Oak Brook Park District hired the consulting firm, Campfire Concepts, to help develop the District’s “Master Vision 2030”.  Campfire Concepts conducted research through focus group discussions and a community survey to gather opinions and insight on District operations and future recreational needs. The information was evaluated by the Board of Park Commissioners, park district staff, and Campfire Concepts, who then applied national and local standards in parks and recreation as a benchmarking tool to develop the “Master Vision 2030”.