Master and Strategic Plans

Oak Brook Park District Master Plan

The Oak Brook Park District commissioners approved the agency’s first master plan during the regular park board meeting on Mon., Nov. 14, 2011.
This marks the first time commissioners and staff have come together to approve a 10 year road map of projects and goals since the agency’s inception in 1962.
“While the timeline of the individual projects aren’t set in stone,” says Laure Kosey, executive director, “it gives us a concrete plan for the future of the park district.”
The $3.3 Million plan, which was a collaboration of SRBL Architects, Oak Brook Park District staff as well as resident and member focus groups, is a 3-phase plan targeting 2 years, 5 years and 10 years. It includes improvements to the Oak Brook Tennis Center, renovations for the Splash Pad, linking the pathway system throughout Central Park, a synthetic soccer field and the expansion of the Central Park Disc Golf Course.
 “We were careful to plan within our means,” says Kosey.  “The intended projects focus on improving what we have and will not significantly increase maintenance demands for the district.”
All of the projects included within the Master Plan will be funded through the issue of non-referendum municipal bonds and will not increase the tax burden on Oak Brook Park District residents.