Job Posting - Aquatic Supervisor

The Aquatic Supervisor is primarily responsible for the seasonal administration of all tasks related to operation and management of the Oak Brook Bath and Tennis Club (OBBT) pools for the Park District. Additional year-round responsibilities include hiring, training, scheduling and supervising of lifeguards and party attendant staff. This person will also be responsible for operational organization of all aquatic rentals and parties for the Family Aquatic Center (FAC). This position will require time spent as an on-deck pool manager and may require time spent lifeguarding as needed.

Job Posting - Inclusion Aid Preschool

The Inclusion Aide is responsible for assisting one or more individuals with a disability and requiring specialized intervention in order to participate in a variety of recreation programs. The ages and support level needed will vary depending on placement. This job requires a “hands on” approach with an assigned participant, while still working as a team with other staff. Inclusion aides reinforce the recreation teacher’s instruction and encourages peer interaction between people with and without disabilities.

Mon- Fri
Starting pay $10.00 per hour