About LaGrange Area Department of Special Education (LADSE)

Vision LADSE is a special education cooperative that collaborates with its member districts to provide high-quality, evidence-based programs and services that result in positive outcomes for students.

LADSE Beliefs
We believe tha all students are entitled to a safe, inclusive learning environment where they are respected and valued for their unique talents, experiences, and needs, where appropriate programs and supports result in successful, fulfilling school and life experiences.
Evidence-based practices and data-based decisions made through a formal problem-solving process improve student learning and achievement.
Timely intervention to address identified needs maximizes the opportunity for student success.
Collaborative partnerships among home, school, and community result in positive outcomes.
Employing highly-qualified, dedicated staff is essential to achieving positive student outcomes.
Quality professional development related to evidence-based practices is necessary to keep the organization fluid and moving toward positive outcomes.

LADSE's Mission
LADSE will serve its member districts, responding to their collective needs, by providing vision-driven leadership in educating diverse learners offering a continuum of quality programs and services that result in positive student outcomes and successful transitions to adult life offering high-quality and timely professional development to LADSE and district staff managing available fiscal and personnel resources to ensure the highest value for all concerned.