Sanctuary Rules


  • Hours of Operation -- 8:00a.m. to Dusk
  • Fishing -- Catch and Release Only. Valid Fishing License Required
  • Animals -- ADA Service Animals and Dogs on Leash. Horses Prohibited.
  • Vehicles -- Snowmobiles, Mini-bikes, Motorcycles, Go-Carts or Similar Motorized Vehicles Prohibited
  • Wading, Swimming, Ice Skating and Boating Prohibited in Pond
  • Littering Prohibited -- All Food, Containers and Similar Materials Must be Carried Out
  • Damage and Removal of Plants Prohibited
  • Feeding and Harming of Wildlife and Birds Prohibited
  • Permits Required for All Groups and Buses
  • Driving and Parking of Automobiles in Authorized Areas Only
  • Fires Prohibited Except by Permission
  • Smoking Prohibited
  • Alcohol Prohibited Except by Permit from the Park District

Rules and Ordinances Strictly Enforced