Nina Angelillo Paints Mural In Break Room At Oak Brook Park District

Break Room Mural

The Oak Brook Park District is thrilled to say that Nina Angelillo, a well-known local artist, has finished and displayed a beautiful mural in the break room. The mural is a lively expression of the community's energy and the Park District's offerings. It beautifully captures the essence of Oak Brook's recreational highlights.  

Nina Angelillo is a visual art teacher with ten years of experience. Her recent work is full of her creativity and skill. Nina's mural shows how much she loves art and how close she is to the Oak Brook community. She used her many years of experience teaching and drawing to make it.  

"I used to live in the area and went to the Park District as a child." Nina Angelillo said, "I've always admired its dedication to giving great recreational experiences." "When I got the opportunity to paint this mural, I was honored to give back to a place that holds such fond memories for me."  

Nina gets ideas from her surroundings and writes them down as they come to her. Her creative process is a perfect mix of being spontaneous and carefully planning. Nina carefully combined the Oak Brook Park District's variety of programs into a single design for the mural. The letters O, B, P, and D were used to represent the main themes of each program.  

Nina Angelillo said, "I wanted each letter to have its own personality and show a different part of the Park District." "From seasonal events to aquatics and sports, I aimed to celebrate the richness and diversity of recreational activities available to the community."  

Infusing the space with inspiration and energy, the mural functions as a vibrant focal point in the break room. People are encouraged to look closely at the complex details and find the secret gems in art, which could be anything from sports, festivities, aquatics, to winter lights!   

The Oak Brook Park District thanks Nina Angelillo for painting this colorful mural which brings out what makes the Oak Brook Park District, the Oak Brook Park District.  

Nina Angelillo