Weekly Team Challenge Results

Below are the current standings for Choose to Lose Teams of 4, Teams of 2, and Individuals 65+. 

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Week #1 Results

Teams of 4

1The Foresters5175
2Team Flab-U-Less4980
3Wooden Shoe 44785
4The Reducers4620
5Happy Phat Active4500
6 -TieSkinny Dragon4245
6 -TieSugarbombs4245
8Wishful Thinning2700
9Will Workout for Cupcakes2650


Teams of 2

1Stays Together2370
2Two Peas in a Pod2325
3Two Fit2265
4 -TieDiet Duo2235
4 -TieTwo Strong2235
6Rauwerda Rivals2070
9Run Like the Winded1185
10Lighten Up 2.0990
11The Brunette Force735
12Los Enriquez540


Individuals 65+

1Christine G.855
2Mary Ann V.585
3Kathy B.510
4Kusum B.480
5Kathy M.270
6Chris M.240
7Susan D.180
8Diane W.DNP