New swimmer evaluations take place at the Family Aquatic Center. Evaluations are drop -in style. No reservation/appointment needed. All new swimmers will be placed according to their ability and age. Swimmers that are not yet ready for swim team will be encouraged to join our Starfish Pre-Team or swim lesson programming for further instruction and preparation for swim team participation. Swimmers should be evaluated for swim team prior to registration if unsure of placement.

NEW! Stars will be holding mid-season evaluations on Thursday, January 2, from 5-7pm.
These evaluations will be mandatory for:

  • Any incoming swimmers interested in joining for the second half of the season
  • Any swimmer's from the lessons program that have completed Wave B Level 6. (Swimmers most recent report card must be presented to coach before evaluation begins.)

Evaluations are strongly encouraged for:

  • Any current member of the team trying to switch groups (i.e. from White to Red)
  • Any current member of the team who may need alternative programming.

 If you have a swimmer currently on the team that joined after October, having them re-evaluated for the second half of the season is highly recommended.