Scout Swim Party

Each party is scheduled for two hours on Thursday evenings from 6:30-8:30pm, and can accommodate a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 20 scouts. The party includes up to 1 hour of instruction, 30 minutes of free swim, and 30 minutes at the end for food and beverages. We provide two to four 16" pizzas, 2 drink pitchers, and all paper products. Please note, the slide will not be open during the scout swim party. 

Option 1: OBPD instructor-led scout swim: $12/scout

Let the professional aquatic staff at the Family Recreation Center lead your scout group through our skills assessment and safety activities, outlined below:

  • CAMP CLASSIFICATION TESTING: Jump feet-first into deep water above the head, surface, level off, swim the following distances, demonstrating strong (survival) proficiency in one or more of the following Scout approved strokes:
    • Front crawl (commonly called freestyle), sidestroke, breaststroke, or trudgen (front crawl arms with scissor kick).
    • Backstroke or elementary backstroke can only be used on the final 25 yards as a “recovery” stroke.
    • Common things that do not constitute a strong stroke: doggy-paddle, or front crawl arms that do not come out from under the water.
      • Beginner classification:
        • Swims 50 yards (with a sharp turn, no stopping) competently demonstrating the above requirements
      • Swimmer classification:
        • Swims 100 yards (with sharp turns, no stopping) competently demonstrating the above requirements
      • Non-swimmer classification:
        • Chooses not to participate in testing, or
        • Cannot complete strong (survival) swimming for at least 50 yards
    • After completing the appropriate swim, rest by floating for 1 minute.
    • Classification results will be recorded by the instructor(s).
  • Demonstrate a front float, back float, and survival floating.
  • Explain the four basic rescue methods: Reach, Throw, Row, Go.
  • Tread water for 1 minute.
  • Discuss these topics with the group:
    • Swimming safely in various situations:  pool vs open water.
    • The Buddy system.
    • Explain the training a lifeguard needs for his/her job.

Option 2: Leader-led scout swim: $10/scout

Are our guidelines not what you’re looking for? We will provide two lap lanes for up to 90 minutes, allowing your troop leaders to run any tests/activities they would like. Pizza, drinks, room space, and free swim are still provided. 

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