The Sandlot-A Universal Playground

Address: 1301 Forest Gate Road

We are all better when we have the opportunity to play together and learn from each other! The Oak Brook Park District works to remove physical, social, and emotional barriers to play and recreation so that people of all ages and abilities have access to exciting opportunities designed to help them be their very best and feel their very best, every single day.

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The Sandlot-A Universal Playground
In 2018, we celebrated the opening of a $1 million playground in Central Park. The Sandlot features equipment designed to increase social and play interaction among people of all ages and abilities. The playground is fully fenced and the features are accessible through double-wide ramping. From parents and grandparents that have limited mobility with typically-abled children, to families that have a child with special needs, this incredible park will provide a fun and interactive environment where everyone can experience the benefits of play together. The playground is located adjacent to the Tennis Center, 1300 Forest Gate Road.

An inclusive environment celebrates the realization that we are all a team, and we can all benefit from each other. -Lara Suleiman, Oak Brook

The Sandlot Features:

• Safe, smooth, spongy surfacing
• Ramps from bottom to top
• Transfer stations throughout
• Specialized seating and handholds
• Slanted/graduated climbing elements
• Dual track ride
• Saucer swing
• Fully fenced
• Roller slides and molded slides
• Musical elements
• Parallel play
• Lots of shade
• Fun, educational play panels
• And much more!

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