Teen Service Camp (Tic Tac Toe)

Teens Impacting Communities.
Teens Activitating Citizens.
Teen Outreach and Empowerment.

Does your teen need service hours or want an edge on his or her college application? Maybe you want your teen to experience what it means to make a positive impact on his or her community? Tic Tac Toe (T3) focuses on building character and integrity while instilling valuable experience and life skills. T3 gives your teen the opportunity to contribute to a wide range of service projects designed to positively impact the community. On Tuesday, participants will complete prep work and research at the Recreation Center. Projects are completed off-site on Thursdays. Projects run from 9am-3pm unless noted. 

Fees and Registration:

R/NR is $88/$114 per week. Register for the whole summer, or week by week!


2018 Themes Schedule (Assigned Mid-May)

  • Friends of All Ages
  • Everyone Makes a Difference
  • Care for Our 4-legged Friends
  • Bring Smiles to Families
  • Feed the World
  • Caring and Comfort