Celebrate Earth Month

The Oak Brook Park District invites you to celebrate Earth Day with us during the month of April! Join us as we commit to sustainable
practices each week. Follow us on social media and share pictures of how you take care of our beautiful mother earth!

Week 1: Food impacts more than your health. It impacts the environment, animals and people. What you eat, where it comes from, and how it was produced contributes to your FoodPrint — think of it like a carbon footprint, but for food. Click here to take this 3-minute quiz to find out your Foodprint!

Week 2: Bring reusable tote bags with you when you grocery shop to eliminate the use of single-use plastic, like plastic bags! Pick
up a free tote bag provided by Evergreen Bank Group at the Family Recreation Center (while supplies last). 

Week 3: Pick up FREE tree saplings at the Family Recreation Center (while supplies last)! Trees produce the oxygen we all need to survive!

Week 4: Did you know, even when you aren’t using items that are plugged in, it still uses energy? Unplug your electronics and get
outside! Click here to check out all that Central Park has to offer!