The Beer

The Beer

Oktoberfest's beer is proudly provided by Two Brothers Brewery. Two Brothers is a family owned and operated microbrewery and brewpub located in the western suburbs of Chicago. They have been hand crafting artisan beers since 1997.
Our Oktoberfest tap includes:

Twenty Plus Pilsner
This light-bodied lager is brewed with Saaz and Hallertau hops and balanced by a malt profile that showcases a very rare heirloom barely variety. Herbal and floral flavors notes create a clean, refreshing taste while a spicy black pepper character gives it just enough bite. A pilsner twenty years in the making, Twenty-Plus proves it’s worth the wait. ALC/VOL: 4.8

Ebel's Weiss
This authentic German style hefenweizen is unfiltered for a glowing orange haze with a nice malty sweetness. ALC/VOL: 4.9%

Pinball Pale Ale
From the moment Pinball is shot out of the can, this Pale Ale takes your taste buds on a flavorful ride. Bounced between bumpers of tropical and citrus fruit, Pinball perfectly rides the rail between hoppy and malty. ALC/VOL: 5.4%

Prairie Path Bottles (Gluten Free)
Crafted to remove Gluten but not flavor, it has a light color and a complex malt character that is paired with Saaz and Golding hops. ALC/VOL: 5.1%


and from ACE Cider Company:

Ace Apple Cider
Made with 100% all natural apples, 5% ABV, Contains a variety of 6 dessert apples.


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