Team Dri Tri

Saturday, July 27, 2019 - 6:00am

The Oak Brook Park District is proud to host the “Team Dri Tri”. Grab a partner and join us for this partner event!
This half marathon event is a tandem tri with NO SWIMMING!

Event Survey


2018 Results

Exceptionally Average 46:28:00
Team Maggio 50:34:00
Tough Lithuanians 53:51:00
Romero 54:41:00
The Donaldsons 55:05:00
Team Spin 56:02:00
Over the Hillers 56:28:00
ShrimpDew 57:32:00
The Donoghues 58:57:00
Cos 2 Pi 59:52:00
Mike and Kelsey 60:00:00
The Clays 60:04:00
Two Hot 61:09:00
Team Fun 62:10:00
Blood, Sweat and Coffee 62:49:00
Tough Guys 63:47:00
Try the Tri 67:12:00
Soon Two Be 75:53:00
The Cabooses 91:00:00


This Triathlon Features:

  • Teams of 2, ages 12+, & no gender or age specific groups
  • Row 3.1 miles (5,000 meters) on Concept 2 rower. Partners alternate every 500 meters until the row is complete.
  • Cycle 7 miles on Air Assault Bike. Partners alternate every half mile until 7 miles is reached.
  • Each individual will run 1.5 miles to combine for 3 miles. Must run together!

This is a continuously timed event. The clock will start once the row has begun and will stop when both participants of a team cross the finish line. The final time is their score. The top 3 finishing teams will be awarded prizes. Each team will be assigned a heat, and confirmations will be sent out the week before the event. Heats start every 45 minutes, beginning at 6am, with 8 participants per heat .All participants must start at the times indicated in their confirmation email. No exceptions. Appropriate attire, including athletic shoes, is required for all events. Registrants will receive a t-shirt and race packet. Registration ends July 20 at 5pm or until spots are filled.

For more information, contact Mike Delgado, Fitness Supervisor, at 630-645-9542 or

The Team Dri Tri is sponsored by AMITA Health. 


For more information about the event, contact Mike Delgado.

If you are interested in a possible partnership or sponsorship at this event, contact Corporate and Community Relations