Returning swimmers will be given a level placement at the conclusion of each session that they can use for future registrations. Swimmers new to our lesson program are asked to attend placement evaluations prior to the first class. These evaluations take place Saturday mornings or Mon-Wed evenings prior to new sessions beginning.

Levels I-III provide your child with the skills needed to survive the water and begin building the foundation for a life-long love of swimming. Swimmers follow an itinerary of progress through 3 levels of development. Recommended age 4-13.

Water Exploration:  Teaching focuses on safety skills, supported front and back floating, supported kicking on front and back, beginner arm movements, and full-face submersion.

Primary Skills:  Teaching introduces unsupported floating with kicks, rhythmic breathing, basic freestyle stroke, backstroke orientation, and holding breath underwater.

Stroke Readiness: Teaching will improve your child’s front stroke and backstroke, front and back glide, water-treading skills, introduce deep water work, and more.

Levels IV-VI develop and hone your child’s swimming techniques and provide the foundation needed for competitive swimming or recreational swimming for fitness. Recommended Ages: 4-16.

Stroke Development: Teaching reinforces the development of solid foundation strokes and introduces breaststroke. Instructors will also focus on intermediate survival skills and water safety.

Stroke Refinement: Teaching will review the backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle, and move on to the butterfly stroke and practice surface dives. Advanced water survival skills and water safety will also be covered.

Stroke Proficiency: Teaching covers flip turns and racing starts from the blocks. The main objective of this level is endurance training and preparing your child for swim team, if that is their goal. Our instructors will carefully evaluate your child’s progress throughout the B-Wave curriculum to ensure that they enjoy their swim experience and are fully ready to progress from one level to the next.

Our instructors want your child to have a successful and enjoyable swim experience and will work to ensure that they are fully ready to progress from one level to the next. It is important to note that all children will learn at their own pace. It is common for students to require multiple sessions in any given level before advancing. Please consider this when registering for multiple class sessions at one time. There are a variety of options for days and times. Please simply choose a convenient lesson time for you and your child when registering.

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