High School Training & High Performance Academy

High School Training

All High School Training groups feature a Game Based Approach concentrating on tactical strategy, modern technical development and court movement.

High School Academy 1:
Designed for junior players ages 12-15 that are preparing to compete on a Freshman High School Team.

High School Academy 2:
Designed for High School players ages 14-18 that belong to a High School team.

Oak Brook High Performance Academy

We are proud to host one of the most prestigious High Performance Tennis Academies in the state for players ages 10-18. Our Academy features a Game Based Approach and live ball practice as a coaching philosophy.

Challenger Academy:
Designed for junior players ages 11-14 competing successfully in USTA tournaments 12’s and 14’s divisions.

Tour Academy:
Designed for junior players ages 13-18 competing successfully in USTA Midwest and National tournaments.

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Current High School Training or High Performance Academy players are invited to register for a FREE* Match Play available most Saturdays. Registration is required due to limited availability. *An additional fee of $10 is charged to nonmembers.