Oak Brook Park District ABC Preschool

The ABC Preschool Philosophy

Through our partnership with Butler School District 53 and the LaGrange Area Department of Special Education (LADSE), we are proud to provide a fully inclusive preschool program. Our staff consists of certified early childhood education teachers, special education teachers and classroom aides, as well as speech/language, occupational, and physical therapists. These individuals and the parents of students work together as a team. Our entire staff is CPR and first aid certified. We strive to maintain a staff to child ratio of 1-to-6 for our three year old preschool program, and 1-to-7 for our 4 year old program.

We recognize that children need a balance of structured and unstructured activity during the early developmental years. We believe in offering choices to children whenever possible to encourage positive decision-making. In order to accomplish this, we utilize a researched-based curriculum promoting the development of social emotional skills, language skills, motor development and cognitive skills. Pre academic skills are taught using a variety of multi-sensory strategies and reinforced through play. All staff receive ongoing training in the areas of child development, behavior management, quality environments, creative programming, and health and safety.

Preschool Coordinator: Melissa Donofrio | mdonofrio@obparks.org | 630-645-9579
Please contact Melissa to schedule a tour of our program.

Please direct any registration questions contact Kathy Chartrand at kchartrand@obparks.org or 630-645-9590.

Bridge to Preschool

Bridge to Preschool is a gentle introduction to shapes, colors, numbers, and letters. This transitional class helps children play with others and follow directions. Students develop the independence and confidence necessary to progress through preschool with success. Prerequisite: Students must be 2.5 and have completed at least oone session of Just 2s or 3 years old, having missed the September 1 deadline. Register for Bridge to Preschool.


Preschool Snack Calendars


2018-2019 Year Deposit/Fees after Deposit

Deposit Code #Fee     Days   Year Code # Fee (Res/Nonres)  Days
8943$300M-F 8353$3,100/$4,120M-F
8944$150MWF 8354$1,890/$2,502MWF
8945$150TuTh 8355$1,210/$1,618TuTh
Saplings Half Day      
Deposit Code #FeeDays Year Code #Fee (Res/Nonres)Days
8947$300M-F 8356$3,100/$4,120M-F
8949$150MWF 8357$1,890/$2,502MWF
8951$150TuTh 8358$1,210/$1,618TuTh
Saplings Full Day      
Deposit Code #FeeDays Year Code #Fee (Res/Nonres)Days
8946$300M-F 8359$7,019/$9,215M-F
8948$300MWF 8360$4,091/$5,408MWF
8950$300TuTh 8361$2,627/$3,505TuTh

Monthly payments are made the 1st of every month from September-May.