Your First Day of Preschool Checklist

Oak Brook Park District's ABC Preschool provides a fully inclusive preschool program

Are you and your little one getting ready for preschool? Our ABC Preschool staff put together some tips and tricks to help you make the first day of school a smooth adventure for your child and you!

  • Label, label, label
    Make sure your child’s teacher can clearly identify his or her personal belongings. Clearly mark any items from home including backpacks, clothing, books, shoes, etc. Keep a list of personal belongings that your child brings to school each day in his or her backpack. This will help you or assigned caregiver make sure everything gets home.
  • Leave toys at home
    In general, toys from home should stay home as they can distract from the learning environment. It is important to remember that preschool is a transitional period, and some kids rely on the comfort of attachment items during these times. Talk to your preschool teacher during the open house for advice on attachment objects. Of course, there are fun exceptions to this rule! Sharing days will give your child the opportunity to share his or her favorite items with friends. While most preschools do have back-up plans for kids, make sure any “sharing days” are on your calendar!
  • Ooopsie clothes
    Preschool is fun, creative, and can get messy. And accidents can happen. It is a good idea to leave an extra set of labeled clothes with your preschool. Label the tags and place the clothes in a large, labeled Ziploc bag. This way, teachers can easily and discreetly send home soiled items in your child’s backpack. Tip: You may want to make sure that the extra set is a little larger, kids grow quickly!
  • Learning clothes!
    Preschoolers learn through play! Kids should be dressed in comfortable layers each day as temperatures can vary depending on the activity and time of day. Make sure that kids are equipped with outerwear or coats so they don’t miss out on essential outdoor educational experiences. Most importantly, choose footwear for function and fun! Sandals, flip-lops, Croc, or open toed shoes will make it difficult for kids to participate in games, activities, and outdoor experiences.
  • Start Planning Snacks
    If you’re not planning ahead, being a snack helper can be stressful. When it’s your family’s turn to bring a snack for class, healthy and nut-free foods are the way to go. Raisins, fresh fruit such as sliced apples or grapes, graham crackers, fresh veggies, whole grain cereal, Goldfish, applesauce, pretzels, nut-free granola bars, and string cheese are all great options!
  • Know your school’s inclement weather policy. Make sure to talk to your child’s teacher about signing up for text message notifications for emergency closings.
    With your child’s utmost safety in mind, Oak Brook Park District will cancel preschool and other programs in the event of inclement weather. In our case, there are no make-up days if school is closed due to inclement weather or other special circumstances.

1st Day Preschool Checklist:

  • Important Forms
  • Backpack (traditional style, large enough to hold a folder)
  • Water bottle
  • Complete change of clothes in a labeled Ziploc
  • Lunchbox (full day)
  • Did you receive a supply list at your open house? If not, a classroom supply list will be provided by your teacher on the first day

Oak Brook Park District's ABC Preschool is proud to provide a fully inclusive preschool program. Our staff consists of certified early childhood education teachers, special education teachers and classroom aides, as well as speech/language, occupational, and physical therapists. Our partnership with the award-winning Butler School District 53 and the LaGrange Area Department of Special Education (LADSE) has helped us create an incredible and fun curriculum that sets a strong foundation for academic success and provides a supportive environment for all children to learn alongside their peers.

There is still availability in ABC's Acorns, our 3-year old classroom! If you are interested in registering, please call Kathy at 630-645-9590 or email