Skill and placement evaluations help kids (and parents) enjoy swim lessons

Oak Brook Park District Swim Lessons are available in the Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall!

Oak Brook Park District’s youth swim instruction program is one of the park district’s most popular recreational offerings, and the system just got better.

After a season of observing and evaluating swim lessons, new Family Aquatic Center Manager, Rob Bond, began looking for ways to improve the overall experience for students and parents alike. According to Bond, the implementation of a new and returning student placement evaluation is going to alleviate anxiety for the participants and reduce stress for parents. “It’s no doubt that the first day of every new session was chaotic,” says Bond, “so we are working to improve the whole experience, starting at the beginning.”

Beginning in January, children new to the A Wave or B Wave Group Swim Lesson program, as well as those that have not taken lessons at the Oak Brook Park District for at least 6 months, are required to attend a free, walk-in evaluation session at the Family Aquatic Center. This will ensure that children are placed in the appropriate level prior to the first class. Evaluations will be conducted by park district swim instructors.

According to Bond, this will reduce first day jitters by creating familiarity with the facility and staff so students are more likely to enjoy their first lesson and respond more quickly to the curriculum. The dedicated evaluation session will allow for a more thorough analysis of each student’s skills. “Instructors won’t have to rush an evaluation so they can start the first lesson, and new students will be placed more accurately,” says Bond.

Established students will benefit from being able to dive right into instruction on the first day of each new session, instead of waiting for swim evaluations to be complete. Parents will appreciate that the evaluations will help the park district align the right instructor to the skill level of each class. “Placing kids in the right level right away will help us improve the consistency of our instruction,” says Bond.

Evaluations are conveniently offered on Saturday mornings from 9-10am and Mon-Wed from 6-7pm. Sessions will be conducted in the order at which people arrive. Students must be enrolled in swim lessons to receive an evaluation.

The full placement evaluation schedule is available at:

Swim Lesson Placement Evaluation Dates for 2019 Winter/Spring:
Jan 2-4 at 6-7pm
Jan 5 at 8:30-9:30am

Jan 21-23 at 6-7pm
Jan 26 at 8:30-9:30am

Feb 11-13 at 6-7pm
Feb 16 at 8:30-9:30am

Mar 4-6 at 6-7pm
Mar 9 at 8:30-9:30am

Apr 1-3 at 6-7pm
Apr 6 at 8:30-9:30am

Apr 22-24 at 6-7pm
Apr 27 at 8:30-9:30am

Oak Brook Park District offers swim instruction for all ages, all year long. From introductory Parent and Child classes designed to acclimated kids as young as 9 months to the water to Advanced Private Swim Lessons for adults, there are literally hundreds of swim sessions to choose from each season.

For more information on the Oak Brook Park District’s innovative swim lesson program, or to find a class that is right for you, please visit