Get a Jump on Preschool with Just 2s!

Oak Brook Park District Just 2s prepares kids for preschool

Is your little one beginning to show more independence? By the age of two, you'll notice your busy child mimicking others, showing exuberant excitement when playing with peers, maybe becoming a little bit defiant, and even beginning to include other friends in games and play.

Oak Brook Park District staff works closely with the award-winning Butler School District 53 and the LaGrange Area Department of Special Education (LADSE) to develop early childhood programming and curricula that lay the foundation for a life-long love of learning and successful educational journey. The Just 2s program will begin to prepare children for enrollment in Oak Brook Park District's ABC Preschool.

Just 2s teachers have compiled a list of developmental guidelines they will reference throughout the program. Our teachers understand that all children develop at their own pace, and that a delay or deficiency in one skill does not necessarily indicate a problem. Children are encouraged to develop and play at their own rate and our teachers welcome parents to discuss any concerns or goals they may have. 

Oak Brook Park District's Just 2s program is the perfect opportunity for parents to foster independence while providing children the opportunity to practice sharing and taking turns. Just 2s uses art, singing, stories, and free play to inspire play with others and develop social emotional skills. This play-based educational program will introduce fun routines designed to help children develop confidence and a sense of accomplishment.  

Children enrolled in Oak Brook Park District's Just 2s program will be presented with a wide range of fun choices as they participate in free play and art. Responsibility and structure will be introduced during clean-up and circle time. Each session, students will play at the beautiful outdoor playgrounds or indoor gymnasium then enjoy a snack and more free play time. At the end of each day, children will receive a good-bye sticker after they get their cups and take their place on a green star.

Oftentimes, separation is difficult in the beginning of the session, and each child's response to school is as unique as they are. Tears usually subside fairly quickly as children discover that we are here to help them navigate the world that just became so much bigger for them. Parents are welcome, but not required, to stay and experience the first week of Just 2s with their children.

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