What is included in the rental fee?
The Central Park West building includes North and South patios, kitchen, an open field on the north west side of the building, and garbage and recycling cans. Your rental also includes event attendant services as well as the following:

  • 120 Lifetime folding chairs
  • 12- 72” round guest tables
  • 2- 6’ banquet tables
  • 3-8’ banquet tables
  • 4- 32” round, 43.5” high cocktail tables

What is the latest designated end time for events?
Events must end by 12am and be completely vacated from the building by 1am. Parties that stay after their allotted time as stated on their rental agreement will be assessed a fee.

Can I change my event date?
Yes. While we cannot guarantee the secondary event date will be available, the Facility Coordinator will be happy to assist you in finding an available date and will move your reservation, if possible, free of charge.

What is the maximum number of people Central Park West can hold?
The maximum capacity for Central Park West and the grounds is a total of 120 people, which includes the host and children.

Is the Central Park West ADA accessible?
Yes. The main entrance and the doors on the north patio to the Grand Room are accessible. Additionally, both men and women's restrooms are ADA accessible.

Is there smoking on the premises?
Per Park District Policy, there is no smoking on Park District grounds or in Park District buildings.

Where do our guests park?
Central Park West offers its own parking lot, which can accommodate 36 vehicles, in addition to 3 accessible parking spaces. Please note, at this time we do not block off those parking spots. There are additional spots in the Central Park campus along the soccer fields, east of Central Park West.

Is there a place for my party to get ready?
Although there is not a designated bridal suite or changing room, Men's and Women's restrooms are available that can accommodate approximately 2 persons getting ready at a time.

Do you provide linen?
Windy City Linen is recommended and is our Preferred Vendor, yet you are welcome to use the company of your choice.

Do you have an ice machine?
Central Park West is not equipped with an ice machine. However, there is a refrigerator with a freezer. The freezer can comfortably fit two large bags of ice. Please consider size, time, and length of the party when purchasing ice. If your party requires more ice than the freezer can hold, parties are encouraged to bring coolers to hold the additional ice bags.

Is there an extra fee to have my ceremony at Central Park West?
An addition fee is not required for having a ceremony on site. Any setting switches will need to be pre-coordinated and done with the assistance of vendors, guests, any support staff provided by the renter. The Park District Event Attendant may be available to provide support, yet is not solely responsible to modify the layout during the rental experience.

When is my event balance due?
Full balance of hourly charges is due at the signing of the rental agreement. Alcohol permit fee and AV/Projector fee will be auto drafted one month before the event date.

What is the alcohol policy?
Any party serving beer, wine, champagne or hard liquor must request and pay for an alcohol permit, provided through the Facility Coordinator, regardless of the amount of alcohol at the event. A $275 fee will be assessed to process the permit request and is due one month before the event. Once the fee is submitted, it is non-refundable if the alcohol permit has been secured.

Do I have to use a vendor from the preferred vendor list?
You may use a vendor that is not on our preferred vendor list, but they will have to submit a certificate of insurance with the Oak Brook Park District as additionally insured if the vendor is providing a service on site or bringing equipment on site. This includes but is not limited to dropping off rental items, a catering staff serving or prepping food, a DJ service and a photographer. The Facility Coordinator can provide a resource for one day event insurance.

Can I serve homemade food at my event?
Yes, you may bring in homemade food and desserts. Central Park West also offers a basic residential grade kitchen that is great for heating or chilling items and plating food. Best practice is to have food already prepared and ready to serve or plate.

Can we rent a tent for our event?
Yes, you may rent a tent, provided that the company issues a certificate of insurance with the Oak Brook Park District listed as additionally insured. Also note, there is no staking on park district grounds. All tents will have to be weighted down via water barrels or other means. Tent rental companies or other vendors are not allowed to drive their vehicles on sidewalks or grass areas.

Is liquor allowed in the tent?
If liquor permit is secured in advance of rental, liquor and other alcoholic beverages are allowed in the tent.

When do we gain access to the facility?
The renter, their vendors and party guests may gain access one hour prior to the start of the paid rental hours, as a part of the complimentary setup hour.

Can I come earlier in the day or the day before to setup my event or get ready with my bridal party?
Due to the rental and program usage of Central Park West, set up prior to the designated reservation time is not offered on a regular basis nor included within the rental.

Are there any limitations for event decorations?
Candles may be used and lit for decorations, but must be contained. No open flames are allowed. If you would still like to use taper candles for color and height, please cut the wick off so guests do not light them on their own. Additionally, no glitter or fine particle decorations may be used. Duct tape, nails, screws, pins, magnetic tape etc. may not be used on the walls, fireplace or mantle. Only 3M tape and hooks, sticky tack and painters’ tape are allowed to secure decorations. No decor, tape or adhesives on the windows, doors or glass. The indoor fire place may not be used for indoor fires. Contained candles and screens may be used to decorate the indoor fireplace. Outdoor fireplace may be used. The renter must supply logs and monitor fire activity. In addition, the fire must be fully extinguished upon the end of the event and departure of renter.

Who is responsible for the cleanup during and after our event?
The renter and their party or any support staff that is hired by the renter is responsible for taking out all items that are brought in, including food. This does not include anything placed in the receptacle and recycling cans, as an Event Attendant will be assisting with disposal. All decorations put up by renter, including securing agents, must be removed by the renter. Kitchen counters and appliances that are used must be cleaned and free of food debris, as completed by renter.

Can our dog be a part of our wedding?
Dogs must be outside on a leash, that is held by a responsible owner at all times. Dogs cannot be kept in vehicles as a holding location place before or after the event. Dogs need to be provided for, including water.