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The Dean Nature Sanctuary is a member of the Chicago Wilderness, a regional alliance dedicated to protecting nature and enriching life.

Oak Brook Park District
Dean Nature Sanctuary

115 Canterberry Lane
Oak Brook, IL 60523


Bike Trail Maps

Home to a gateway between the DuPage and Cook County bike trail, Bemis Woods, the Dean Nature Sanctuary provides the perfect spot to plan your roundtrip biking excursion.   

So that everyone can enjoy the trail safely, here are a few guidelines for trail users:

salt creek sign

  • Stay to the right.
  • Bicyclists should yield to walkers.
  • To avoid conflicts with other users, pass to the left, announcing, "Passing on your left" before you overtake slower moving traffic.
  • Please avoid stopping and blocking the path. Step off to the side if you wish to talk or stop for any other reason.
  • Please dispose of all trash properly. This is your trail. Keep it clean.
  • Poison ivy and poison oak are common along many Illinois trails. Avoid contact with plants unless you’re certain of their species.
  • Finally, bicyclists should wear a helmet. Three out of four bicyclist fatalities are due to head injuries--most of which could have been avoided if the bicyclist had been wearing a helmet

Salt Creek Greenway Trail InformationSalt Creek Map



Cook County Salt Creek Trail Map



Village of Oak Brook Bike Trail Map



Dupage County Regional Bikeway Map/Plan