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Oak Brook Park District
Family Aquatic Center

1450 Forest Gate Road
Phone 630-645-9581
Fax 630-990-8379
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Open Swim Hours
Monday - Thursday 6:00pm-9:30pm
Friday 4:00pm-9:30pm
Sat & Sun 12:00pm-5:30pm

Lap Swim Hours
Monday - Friday 5:30am-9:30pm
Sat & Sun 7:00am-5:30pm

Outdoor Hours
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Oak Brook Park District Swim Lessons

Before registering for a swim lesson, review your child’s previous lesson history and age limitations of class. Email confirmations will be sent out when your form is processed for a wait list and accepted in to the program. Call or email with any questions at (630) 645-9590 or

On the first day:
• Please arrive 10 minutes early for first day check-in.
• If you have your child’s previous report card, bring it with you.
• You may watch from the observation deck, the pool deck must be clear.

Make up classes:
Only one class per session can be made up within said session. Please see the schedule and choose another day or time that you can attend. You must sign in the at the pool desk for makeup lessons.


Parent/Child Swimming Lessons

Designed to acclimate young swimmers to the water with their parent, these classes are led by an instructor that will focus on basic water skills through the use of song, rhyme, and repeated practice. After registering for Parent/Child Lessons, participants will be divided into two groups: Parent/Tot or Tots in Training. Parent/Tot classes will be conducted entirely with the parent in the water. The Terrific Tot in Training classes have parents start in the water with their swimmers the first week, eventually decreasing the time with parents during the course to ease the transition to Terrific Tot. Classes will split appropriately on the first day of lessons .All swimmers must wear a swim diaper under their swimsuit if not toilet trained. Ages: 9 mos–3 yrs


Our instructors work with the parents and their little swimmer to put their face in the water and blow bubbles. Swimmers also practice floating (with assistance) on their front and back, as well as have parents assist with a jump entry into the water to aid as a lifesaving skill. Songs and games will be used to make class fun and enjoyable.

Terrific Tots in Training

Terrific Tot in Training: Similar to the Parent/Tot class, young swimmers will learn basic water skills such as putting their face in the water and blowing bubbles. Swimmers will also practice back and front floats with assistance and basic swimming movement. Portions of class will be conducted without parents to ease the transition to Terrific Tot.




Parent/Tot Fitness

Instructor: Danielle Hilgers, RN & AEA Certified

Come and bond with your child in a fun and innovative pool class. The class is open to children 5 months to 4 years old, accompanied in the pool by a parent, grandparent, or other caretaker. (Swim diapers required for children still in diapers.) Basic water safety and beginning swimming skills will be taught using toys, games, and songs. As a bonus, cardiovascular and muscle toning exercises for the adult will be incorporated into the class. Age: 9mo-4yrs w/parent




Terrific Tot Swim Lessons

Welcome to our swim lesson prep course! If your young swimmer is comfortable in the water without your assistance, this is the class for him. Our trained instructors will work with your child on basic safety skills and gaining confidence in the water. Your child will practice blowing bubbles, front floats, back floats, kicking, arm movements, submersion, and more. This class is designed to provide your child with the skill set he needs to be successful in more advanced lessons and he may remain in this class until he is prepared for A Wave Swimming. Ages: 3-5




Youth Swim Lessons A-Wave

The A-Wave curriculum proved your child with the skills she needs to survive the water and provided the foundation for a life-long love of swimming. This curriculum begins with Water Exploration which focuses on safety skills, supported front and back floating, supported kicking on front and back, beginner arm movements and full face submersion. Once she masters these skills, your child will move on to Primary Skills which introduces unsupported floating with kicks, rhythmic breathing, basic freestyle stroke, backstroke orientation, and holding her breath underwater. The last lesson in the A-Wave curriculum is Stroke Readiness. Stroke Readiness will improve your child’s front stroke and backstroke, front and back glide, water treading skills, introduce deep water work, and more. Portions of this level may be taught in the lap pool. Our instructors want your child to succeed and enjoy her swim experience, and will work to ensure that she is fully ready to progress from one to the next. It is common for students to complete multiple session in the A-Wave curriculum before advancing. Please consider this when registering for multiple classes. When registering, choose a convenient lesson time for you and your child. On the first of class, she will be evaluated and grouped with students that exhibit comparable skills.





Youth Swim Lessons B-Wave

Our B-Wave curriculum develops and hones your child’s swimming techniques and provides the foundation needed for competitive swimming or recreational swimming for fitness. A-Wave (or its equivalent) is a prerequisite for this program. B-Wave begins with Stroke Development which reinforces the development of solid foundation strokes and introduces the breaststroke. Instructors will also focus on intermediate survival skills and water safety. Next the Stroke Refinement sessions will review the backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle, and move on to the butterfly stroke and practice surface dives. Advanced water survival skills and water safety will also be covered. The last level of B-Wave is Stroke Proficiency which covers flip turns and racing starts from the blocks. The main objective of this level is endurance training and preparing your child for swim team, if that is his goal. Our instructors will carefully evaluate your child’s progress throughout the B-Wave curriculum to ensure that he enjoys his swim experience and is fully ready to progress from one level to the next. Your child is working on refining proficient skills, and it is likely that he will repeat multiple sessions in the B-Wave curriculum before advancing. Please consider this when registering for multiple classes. When registering, choose a convenient lesson time for you and your child. On the first day of class, he will be evaluated and grouped with students that exhibit comparable skills.





Individual/Private Swim Lessons

Individual Lessons provide effective one-on-one instructor for students at any level. Experienced instructors will work with your child to achieve personalized goals. Staff will make every effort to accommodate requests for specific instructors. The high demand for private lessons only allows for one make-up lesson per session, and make-ups are not permitted for missed or forgotten lessons Individual Private Swim Lessons may be schedule during regular open swim hours. Ages:  4-18




Special Request Private Lessons

Instructors:  Starfish coaches, Swim Lessons Supervisors, Stars coaches
Get a more personalized approach with these lessons. These are taught by advanced instructors and are for those swimmers and competitors who are looking for extra attention to improve their swimming. This is for 3 hours of instruction. Register for class with the instructor of your choice; please include the instructors name on your registration form. If you need to reschedule a lesson made, you must give at least 24 hours notice. YOU MUST HAVE INSTRUCTOR, AQUATIC SUPERVISOR OR AQUATIC MANAGER APPROVAL BEFORE REGISTERING FOR THIS CLASS.


Advanced Youth Private Swim Lessons

Get a more advanced approach with these lessons. These are taught by swim team coaches and are for those swimmers and competitors looking to improve their stroke. Lessons are 30 minutes in length for a series of six lessons. Register for class and an instructor will call you within two weeks. If you need to reschedule a lesson made, you must give at least 24 hours notice. Ages 6+ Date and time varies. Instructor will contact participant by email.


Need help finding the right class for your swimmer? See our Online Swim Level Indicator.



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